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Webisode Shoot

26 Mar

This weekend I rehearsed and shot a webisode for a comedy series called “Money Hungry”.  I played a scheming, gold digger named Crystal who’s manipulating a dying, nerdy millionaire into marrying me.  We shot the webisode on location at a huge mansion in Santa Clarita and the weather was really bad!  It rained all day on Sunday so we had to keep adjusting the lighting to make sure it didn’t look too dim.  Besides the weather part, the shoot was really fun.  It’s a comedy with a splash of soap opera spoofs in there.  Besides my dopey fiance to be, there’s his other girlfriend who is a geek like him but a threat to me.  Then there’s the fiance’s brother who plots with me to get the dough.  Our director said our episode was his favorite of the four they shot that day.  I can’t wait to see how it turns it! I’m hoping it gets post on You Tube soon so I will keep you posted.

Tonight I have another intense scene in Jamison’s on-camera class.  I play a dying mother asking her best guy friend to take care of my baby.  I’ve been returning to my Meisner trained roots studying up on his books and using my imagination to raise the stakes for the scene.  And it’s been really helping!  The catch is the scene is also a listening exercise so we don’t know what the other person is going to say.  We just memorize our own lines and listen to what Jamison says so we’ll know how to respond.  Tricky, huh?!



Happy Monday

12 Mar

What a great weekend.  I had one of the best casting director workshops on Saturday with a CD from one of the biggest shows on FOX.  She loved my scene and said I was very natural.  She was a very cool and down to earth chick who tells it like it is.  I felt really great about it.

Sunday I rehearsed with my classmate Jeff for my on-camera class that we have tonight.  I had to miss class last week because of my soap audition so I will be making it up this evening before regular class starts at 7.  The scene is from an old pilot that wasn’t picked up last year and it’s about a woman who is fighting to get her innocent husband out of prison.

I read to my BookPALS kiddies today in NoHo.  I read to them weekly every Monday for about 45 minutes.  It’s the highlight of my week seeing their smiling faces and getting them excited about books.  Tonight’s class should be intense with the class makeup and then class for three hours.  I better go rehearse!  Will write to you soon! xo