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Another Great Workshop!

11 May

Yesterday my confidence increased even more!  I did a scene for one of the biggest casting directors in town.  Her casting office is working on four major shows on ABC.  This girl is huge in the industry and she LOVED my scene!  She told me to send her my new headshots when I get them done.

The best thing she told me was that I had great castability overall in general.  That is the BEST compliment a casting director could ever give to an actor.  That means more options for roles.  It’s the little things like that that keeps us motivated. 🙂

Tonight I’m heading to an actor event in Hollywood with a red carpet and fashion show that my actor friend invited me to.  He will be the MC and I think it will be pretty cool.  Next up, are new headshots!!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, so I’m sure Mom and I will have a blast.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! xo


A Workshop Here, a Webisode There

8 Mar

Hey there!  So Wednesday was a pretty decent day.  I had another casting director workshop.  This time it was for another prime time forensics show in its seventh season.  I did a scene from “Lost” and played Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez’s role).  It was the scene where she first meets Jack at the airport.  The CD loved it and said she like my pacing and how I made it my own.  I brought myself to it: a nice, sincere, open personality.  Casting Directors like to see us bring something that shows who we are so they know how to cast us.

Today was awesome!  I’m starring in a webisode later this month for a SAG web series called, “Behind the Scenes.”  Today I met with the producer and writer/director.  There’s four of us actors in the episode and we each brought our character that we wanted to play.  Then we collaborated with the writer and set up the story outline.  It’s a comedy and I am playing the scheming gold digger, a la “Bad Girls Club.”  I am soooo excited about this role and the story premise is awesome.

Then I met with my actor friend Jeremy.  He wanted to meet up to tell me about his webisode he and his buddy co-wrote and will star in.  He wants me to work in the series too and 70s sex symbol Billy Dee Williams will be making a cameo! lol  I’m super excited about what’s coming up these next few months.  Will keep you all posted! xo

This ‘n That

20 Feb

Man, I haven’t been on here for minute!  I had a huge allergy attack so anti-histamines have made me groggy the past few days.  Anyway, it’s President’s Day so I’m spending the holiday getting better and working on my audition scene for tonight.  Yep, I’m starting new on-camera audition technique classes for the next 12 weeks and super excited.  The scene is from “Kramer vs. Kramer” and boy, is it intense.  I can see why my teacher picked it out because it’s a hard scene to do when you’re confined to chair and a camera is zoomed into only your face!

This weekend I started Mardi Gras early at The Farmers Market located by the Grove.  They had a zydeco band playing music and people were throwing beads.  There’s a Creole/Cajun restaurant there, too and unfortunately their gumbo sucked. 😦  But the beignets and King Cake were tasty.  I’ll be celebrating even more tomorrow night on Fat Tuesday.

I also attended another casting director workshop this past weekend.  Instead of preparing our own material, this casting director gave us scenes with partners and a cold read.  I really liked the scene but unfortunately my partner was not too great…;p   Sam Christensen studio had their monthly follow-up meeting last night and it was ah-mazing as usual.  Sam specializes in helping actors find their brand and how to sell themselves.  It really motivated me to continue to use the work we did in his seminar in my everyday life.

I’m super excited about tomorrow.  Not just because it’s Mardi Gras, but I’ll be back working with the AFI students for their lighting class.  Last week was awesome because I worked with a huge director of cinematography in mega films such as “Wedding Crashers” and we shot a car commercial.  If I can, I’ll post it up here for everyone to see.

Earlier this month I finally opened up a Google Plus account but I still can’t figure that thing out!

Have a great President’ Day and Mardi Gras! xo