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It’s Friday the 13th!

13 Apr

…and it’s raining like cats and dogs here in LA.  I had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Church was nice and I decorated my apartment with grass, candy and dyed my Easter eggs.  Hope everyone had a nice one as well.

This past week was pretty cool.  I worked at American Film Institute, officially chose my new headshot photographer, found another television show to target and parted ways with my agent.  Springtime is the best time for actors to sign with new agencies because pilot season is now winding down and it’s still before the dead summer.

I went on with the second headshot photographer on my list because her work is amazing and she really cares about helping actors market themselves in order to book work.  I can’t wait to post my new pics on here.  I think they will help me get a better agent than my previous one, plus all the things I’ve been doing in the last month.

Tomorrow I’m going on another casting director workshop with a CD I really like.  Good times.

Keep your umbrellas close by this weekend. April showers bring May flowers! xo


Weekend Wrap-Up

19 Mar

So Friday was day 1 of my headshot photographer search.  He’s in Hollywood and I went to visit the studio and get to know him.  I’m writing a series on my research in finding the right photographer.  More to come!

Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day and was probably the best one I ever had.  First I had another casting director workshop that morning with a head casting director from a huge primetime crime show on CBS.  He loved my read and had nothing but positive things to say.  I really hope he calls me in.  Since it was St. Patty’s Day, I had on my green.  I told him it must’ve been my lucky shirt.  Everyone laughed hysterically. Saturday was also day 2 of my photographer search and I met a lovely lady in Sherman Oaks.  Her personality was awesome and I we got along really well.  But that night was the end all.  I met up with a fellow actor guy friend of mine at Happy Ending bar in Hollywood.  He had a group of friends who were cool and the place was packed.  We had SO MUCH FUN I can’t even tell you.

I hope everyone else had a safe and fun weekend as well.  xo

Happy Monday

12 Mar

What a great weekend.  I had one of the best casting director workshops on Saturday with a CD from one of the biggest shows on FOX.  She loved my scene and said I was very natural.  She was a very cool and down to earth chick who tells it like it is.  I felt really great about it.

Sunday I rehearsed with my classmate Jeff for my on-camera class that we have tonight.  I had to miss class last week because of my soap audition so I will be making it up this evening before regular class starts at 7.  The scene is from an old pilot that wasn’t picked up last year and it’s about a woman who is fighting to get her innocent husband out of prison.

I read to my BookPALS kiddies today in NoHo.  I read to them weekly every Monday for about 45 minutes.  It’s the highlight of my week seeing their smiling faces and getting them excited about books.  Tonight’s class should be intense with the class makeup and then class for three hours.  I better go rehearse!  Will write to you soon! xo