Headshot Photographer Search Part 1

21 Mar

So I am in the process of getting new headshots and I need to find a great photographer who will not only capture my type and essences, but also has extremely high quality looking shots.  I searched all over from my image consultant teacher’s website to Backstage Magazine to LA Casting’s photographer page and referrals from other actors.

I am a huge fan of one casting director’s blog where she goes into great detail of how to create great headshots. And what makes a great headshot and what doesn’t.  I used her advice and the advice of several other industry insiders in my search for photographers with the gift of showcasing actors to their best.

Anyway, fortunately I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 choices so the next step is meeting with each photographer to get a feel for their work and who they are.

Day 1- (Friday, March 16) I met with a big name photographer whose studio is in Hollywood.  He was voted one of the best headshot photographers in L.A. by Backstage’s West Readers poll the last couple of years.  He was extremely open and warm and likes for actors to experiment in their shoots.  He’s a big fan of actors hiring their own personal make-up/hair artist.  I told him I’ve had bad experiences in the past with bad make-up artists ruining my pictures.  He also did a little bit of name dropping which is kinda annoying.  I wasn’t blown away but he’s only my first interview. Nonetheless, he shoots a lot of women with my skin tone so that was good.

Day 2- (Saturday, March 17) I met with another photographer who was referred to me by my on-camera teacher and fellow actor Jamison Haase.  Her studio is located in Sherman Oaks and it is a really cute place.  I really loved this photographer-she was so real and sincere about helping actors.  Unlike a lot of photographers in LA who will remain nameless, she is not all about the money.  I was only supposed to be there 20 minutes and wound up leaving and hour and a half later.  We went through her work and she told me her actors success stories after taking her shots.  She also went into detail how each photo showcased their type.

Stay tuned for updates!!


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