Weekend Wrap-Up

19 Mar

So Friday was day 1 of my headshot photographer search.  He’s in Hollywood and I went to visit the studio and get to know him.  I’m writing a series on my research in finding the right photographer.  More to come!

Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day and was probably the best one I ever had.  First I had another casting director workshop that morning with a head casting director from a huge primetime crime show on CBS.  He loved my read and had nothing but positive things to say.  I really hope he calls me in.  Since it was St. Patty’s Day, I had on my green.  I told him it must’ve been my lucky shirt.  Everyone laughed hysterically. Saturday was also day 2 of my photographer search and I met a lovely lady in Sherman Oaks.  Her personality was awesome and I we got along really well.  But that night was the end all.  I met up with a fellow actor guy friend of mine at Happy Ending bar in Hollywood.  He had a group of friends who were cool and the place was packed.  We had SO MUCH FUN I can’t even tell you.

I hope everyone else had a safe and fun weekend as well.  xo


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