American Film Institute and Headshots!

15 Mar

So today I worked as a volunteer at the SAG Conservatory office at the American Film Institute.  I go once a week to help out with casting and phone calls.  I love the Program Coordinator Dawn.  She’s super cool  and she gives tons of info about what the school offers.

Directors of student and thesis films are in and out handing in their audition and cast lists so we can contact actors for their projects.  It’s a great place to meet people in the business and learn more about what they do.  I really want to work in a casting office to learn the ropes as well, so this is a great addition to my resume.  I love the production aspects of a film so this is exciting for me to be apart of.

Tomorrow I begin my new headshot photographer hunt.  Yes, it’s already time for new headshots.  My last two experiences were not too great and the pics aren’t getting me anywhere.  I’ve done extensive research on several photographers and have narrowed them down to five so I begin meeting with them tomorrow to get a feel for who they are.  Getting headshots can be so stressful for actors.  They are our tool that gets us in the door.  I have faith that this time will work out because I’m putting a lot of effort into my search as well as how to sell my type.  St. Paddy’s Day is Saturday, so wish me luck! 😉


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