L.A. On-Camera Training Center

14 Mar

Today I had to make up a class I missed with my teacher Jamison Haase at the L.A. On-Camera Training Center in Noho.  We did a scene  and I played a woman fighting to get her innocent husband out of prison so they could raise their son.

I was having a hard time connecting to the scene as well as getting over my insecurities of shooting close-up.  That’s the thing about Jamison’s class: every class we shoot close-up so the camera zooms in completely on your face.  It catches EVERYTHING.  That is what makes his class so challenging but helpful at the same time.  You learn the technical aspects of shooting close up while keeping your craft organically in-check as well!

Anyway, Jamison broke down my character with me and we made specific choices as much as possible.  The more specific my choices were (i.e. why I decided to seek help in person now after doing it in writing seven times, what neighborhood I lived in, how much income I made, problems with my child, etc.) the more emotional I got and the better the scene.

Raise the stakes, says Jamison!  And he is so right.  He really cares about his students and wants us to do well.  He has a way of pulling it out of you. My final take was awesome and I was emotionally there in the scene, tears and all.  Human struggle and conflict is what we want to watch.  Thanks for the reminder, Jamison!  I’m so happy to be in your class!

Check out LAOTC at: http://laoncameratrainingcenter.com

You’ll be so glad you did!


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