Like Little Children

13 Mar

I had a revelation in my on-camera class last night.  My teacher Jamison is phenomenal.  He was talking about children playing pretend.  They just do it.  They don’t question themselves, wonder if they’re doing it “right”, or feel insecure about how they look or act.  They just feel and have fun playing pretend in the process.

It was my Oprah “ah-ha” moment, I guess you could say. LOL. I thought back to when I was a little girl.  Both of my parents worked and my older brother and sister were several years older than me in high school and college.  I was alone by myself a lot playing and having fun (if I wasn’t playing with the kids on my street.) And I had a blast!  I would pretend I was on TV and in movies all the time.  I would play working girls, wives, girlfriends, singers- you name it.  My imagination was fierce.

I want to be like a kid again.  Not being all in my head, worrying about my lines or the casting director looking at me, feeling self conscious about the camera, etc.  Jamison calls acting “bullshit.”  We pretend for a living, so we shouldn’t make it hard or put all this pressure on ourselves.  It’s a wonderful gift, yes but we are not making a cure for cancer.  Well said, says I.  Let go and have fun!  If we’re not, then why


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