Soap Opera Audition

7 Mar

Another busy week so far!  On Monday, my agent emailed me my audition for a huge daytime drama soap opera!  I was so stoked because I used to watch this show back in middle school and high school.  Not only that but it was a day player role for a waitress.  The scene was super juicy.  My character had served one of the main characters a rat on her plate by mistake.  Everyone is hysterical and I’m trying to find the culprit.

Anyway, I had to buy a new pair of black pants for the scene so I headed to Macy’s and got a great pair from Ralph Lauren.  I had to miss my on-camera auditioning class that night to prepare for the role.  My teacher was totally supportive so we will be able to make it up.  Then Tuesday rolled by and I had my audition.  It went quite well.  The casting director had met me at a previous workshop this past January so I was extremely glad it paid off.   The other “waitresses” were ladies of all ethnicities and everyone was super nice.  It went really fast but the CD was sweet and seemed to like my read.  She called in several girls so the competition was definitely stiff.

The thing about auditioning is you really have no control over who they cast for the role.  The only thing we actors have control over is being prepared for the scene, having confidence and being on time.  I feel really blessed to be an actor.  It’s a tough business, but hey, isn’t life a journey itself?  I like a challenge!


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