24 Feb

Gas prices are ridiculous as everyone knows, but this week it has been unbelievable.  I was on E minus on La Brea last night coming from SAG and had to pull into the next available stop.  I think it was a Chevron.  Anyway, the damn price for unleaded: $4.45!  These prices are out of control.  CBS 2 news just did a story and said the average gas prices are $4.25 today.  They went up 6 cents since yesterday and 25 cents since last week!  This is all supposedly due to higher oil rates and troubles in the Middle East.

Not only are the prices rising drastically, but they are rising fast.  I have a solution:  Let’s have another 24 hour gas strike in LA.  We had a couple of strikes two years ago.  People were pushing it on their Facebook and Twitter pages like crazy.  Well it’s time for another one, folks.  The question is, what day?

It doesn’t matter when, we just need to do it ASAP to make a point.  No more gas inflation!


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