Goodbye, Whitney :(

13 Feb

On Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 3:55 p.m. we lost our beloved songbird Whitney Houston.  I am so devastated by this tragedy and this has been such a shock to everyone around the world.

I first heard the news around 4:30 p.m. while I was in Santa Clarita, CA at Caruso’s Italian Restaurant with my mom.  My mom and I are good friends with the owner, Maria.  As we were dining on spaghetti and pizza she approached our table and said, “Did you hear?  Whitney Houston died.”  I quickly responded, “Oh, it’s probably a rumor.  They said that ten years ago online that she had died and it wasn’t true.”  “It’s on the news,” Maria quickly said.  “Check on your phone.”  I pulled out my HTC Android, clicked on the Internet and sure enough, she was dead.

Shock and sadness was all I could feel.  My very first childhood idol was gone.  In preschool, I wanted to BE her.  She was beautiful and could SANG!  When I was 3 or 4 I was chosen to sing “The Greatest Love of All” at my preschool’s performance show.  I was so excited!  Unfortunately they took it from me and gave it to another little girl whose mother had just died.  They thought it would cheer her up.  Well I was too young to understand the reason so I was devastated.  So during the show, the little girl started to sing it.  I got upset and yelled, “That’s MY song!”  I stood up on my chair and started belting out the song over the girl.  She started crying and I kept singing.  The piano player kept playing!  I didn’t miss a note and by the time the song was over I had a standing ovation.

I know, I know, crazy story, huh?  But that’s what Whitney did for us girls back then.  She INSPIRED us.  We idolized her and saw that if she could do it, so could we!  That’s why her death is so tragic.  She was part of the reason why I am pursuing what I am now.  Black, white, man, woman, old and young- Whitney crossed over all the lines.  Everyone loved her.

I can only find comfort in knowing that God has taken her out of her pain of addiction.  She is in a better place and she can now sing her heart out with all the angels.  God bless you, Whitney.. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

“Learning to love yourself.  It is the greatest love of all.”



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