Awards Season Midway Point!

9 Feb

Now that the People’s Choice, Critics Choice, Golden Globes, Producers Guild, Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild Awards have all passed, we are halfway done with Awards Season in 2012!  I’ve been pretty happy with all the winners so far so I’m looking forward to the following upcoming ceremonies:

Grammy Awards- Feb. 12 CBS 5 pm

BAFTA Film Awards- Feb. 12 BBC 5 pm

NAACP Image Awards- Feb. 17 NBC 5 pm

Writers Guild Awards- Feb. 19

Independent Spirit Awards- Feb. 25 IFC 10 pm

Academy Awards- Feb. 26 ABC 4 pm

(Pacific Time Zone only)

GRAMMYS: Ahh, the Grammy’s.  Wild and outrageous clothing, long, drawn out performances, Best New Artist of Year. Not my favorite out of all the ceremonies but it can be either extremely boring or highly entertaining.  I used to get annoyed at them for not having enough time to show ALL the categories and winners giving their acceptance speeches.  And the way the music industry is going right now, I hope the people who deserve to win, do.  Other than that, I’ll celebrate the event. 🙂

BAFTAS: Stands for British Academy of Film and Television Arts.  I’ve never seen this awards show but based on the nominees, I’m actually really looking forward to it.  Basically it’s the Brits giving us Americans props for our work in the film industry.  It airs on the BBC so make sure to check your listings unless you’re a major fan of Downtown Abbey.  (Wait, I think that airs on PBS.  Nevermind.)

NAACP Image: If I remember correctly, this show used to air on FOX every year.  I haven’t watched this one in a looong time so I’m pretty excited.  This one honors all our people of color, namely Black actors and actresses who grace the screen in TV and film and I think music too.  Not so sure but we’ll have to tune in!

Writers Guild: The last awards show out of all the guilds.  Unlike SAG, the Producers and Directors Guild do not air their awards show on television.  Unfortunately, neither does this one.  Their website is down so I have been unable to retrieve their nominees.  We’ll just have to check online on the 19th for a list of the winners!

Spirit:  Another awards show I have yet to catch in the past.  We west coasters will have to catch a pre-taped, edited version due to the fact that it won’t be aired live.  50/50 and Drive seem to be the leading contenders.  I haven’t seen either one but this show will propel me to go back to watching my indies again.

OSCARS: Every year we save the best for last with the Academy Awards live on ABC.  From the Red Carpet Fashion to the acceptance speeches, many artists believe this is the highlight show of the awards season.  All I know is is Octavia, Viola, Jean, The Help and The Artist better win!



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