Discomfort is Comfort

8 Feb

“And that’s the thing with acting that people don’t understand, that the discomfort is the comfort. And that’s what most actors, they don’t want to feel uncomfortable, and when you kind of allow yourself to be in the moment, and be surprised, ’cause there’s no way you can predict who your character is. Just like you can’t predict who you are, you know, at any given time, you don’t know how you’re gonna react to any given circumstance. But in order to be in the moment and let yourself be loose, you have to be brave enough to be uncomfortable and not judge a moment.”

                                                                                                    – Viola Davis

This is one of the best quotes on acting I have ever read.  Viola Davis, star and Oscar nominee of the hit, “The Help” is right on point.  I remember studying acting at Bill Esper’s studio in New York a few years back and we were constantly taught to just live in the moment and allow ourselves to feel whatever organically happened to us.  So many actors try to force an emotion or even shut it down because it feels uncomfortable.  We are afraid of what might happen to us.  It’s their way of being in control of the situation.  But acting is about letting go.


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