Should I Create My OWN Work?

7 Feb

Everyone says that now more than ever, it is imperative for actors to create their own work.  “Make your own short film or webisode!”  they say.  “Post skits on YouTube!”  I’m like, how the hell do I do that?  With money going to headshots, classes, clothes, gym memberships and whatever else, it seems financially (and for some, creatively) impossible.

And then I remembered my days in college.  I took a screenwriting class at Uof H and always got A’s on all my writing papers and scripts.  One in particular I’m really proud of was based on a V.C. Andrew’s gothic horror novel.  Ugh, I can’t find that script to this day!  But I knew even before then I could write.  As a kid in elementary school,  I enjoyed spending more time writing short stories and reading them aloud to the kids in my neighborhood than doing my math homework. I was obsessed with “The Babysitter’s Club” books and swore I would be the next Ann M. Martin.

On my trip to Houston for Christmas, my Great Aunt Helen told me some pretty cool family secrets.  And just last week my mom was just talking in passing about some adventures she and my dad shared.  “Sounds like something from a TV movie of the week!”  I exclaimed.  Aunt Helen told me stuff about my ancestors I didn’t know existed.  Things anyone would find sizzling and full of drama.

“OK Melanie,” I thought.  “It’s time to start writing again.”  I’ve never produced anything, let alone posted work on YouTube.  So let’s see, you need a script, camera, lighting, location, etc., etc….in other words, you need money!  I gotta put all these pieces together.



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