Super Bowl Sunday Wrap Up

6 Feb

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and I must say it was the best one I ever had.  It was also the first time I celebrated it with my mom.  I lived in Manhattan for three years so I was super stoked about the Giants beating the Patriots.  First we attended church and I posted on Facebook that would ask God to let the Giants win!  LOL, he answered my prayers.

We then headed to Venice to attend a Vision Board party with other lady entrepreneurs.  Vision boards are awesome.  I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to start the year off planning and setting their goals.  It’s basically a collage of words and images representing what you want and are striving for in the upcoming year.  I spent the entire time going through magazines so I plan on finishing it today.  I found several images on acting and working out.  The other women were super sweet and I look forward to attending more of their events.

Mom and I then headed to Santa Monica at the Basement Tavern which is below the restaurant/bar The Victorian to watch the game.  Awesome experience is all I can say!  The crowd was awesome, all drinks and food was half off and it’s a lounge so we were on nice, comfy couches.  The HD screen was right there and we feasted on barbeque, a hummus plate and Brut Champagne.  Everyone else in there were Giants fans too so some dude bought shots for all of us in the room!  I pretty much lost my voice from all the screaming and enjoyed Madonna’s half-time show minus the drill team sequence.

I’m looking forward to Mardi Gras! xo


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