Former Atheist Ballerina Turned Believer

4 Feb

Today was truly a blessed day for me.  My mom and I attended a conference with guest speaker Christine Watkins.  Christine was featured on ABC’s Nightline last year about her experiences with the Virgin Mary and becoming a Catholic.  Christine was a professional ballet dancer at the San Francisco Ballet and was an atheist all her life until she had turned to the New Age movement.  She said New Age still gave her an emptiness inside while she was reaching for inner peace and a cure for her cervical cancer.

To make a long story short, she received a miraculous miracle/vision from the Blessed Mother Mary and has been a Catholic ever since.  She said ballet was her god.  She is now happily married and spreading her story and the stories of other converts all over the world with her inspirational speeches and new book, “Full of Grace”.  I met Ms. Watkins today as she signed a copy of her book.  I told her I was an actress and massage therapist and she was thrilled.  “You are an answer to one of my prayers!”  she exclaimed.  “Just keep praying.  God bless you,”  she replied.

The point of my story today is my urgency to all people in the arts and everywhere else:  Please try to open your hearts to God.  I’m not trying to push my beliefs or religion on anyone.  I meet a lot of people who actors, writers, health professionals, etc. who are into the New Age, The Secret, etc. but they refuse to open their mind to God.   God loves YOU.   He wants the best for YOU.  I’m tired of people thinking He is this judgmental, critical being who doesn’t care for us.  It simply isn’t true.  And this is not to push my denomination on anyone either.  We are all His children, so regardless if you’re Catholic, non-denominational, Baptist, Jewish,….you get the idea.  I don’t care.  I just hope we all lean on Him during our struggles and know that we are loved.

Check out Christine on ABC’s Nightline:


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