It’s Groundhog Day!

2 Feb

Six more weeks of winter!  Good thing I’m on the West Coast!  LOL

As the saying goes, deaths come in threes.  Yesterday Don Cornelius, Leslie Carter (sister of Nick and Aaron Carter) and Angelo Dundee (former Muhammad Ali trainer) all passed away.  So sad.  May they all rest in peace.

And now for updates:  Great week so far.  I got a lot done and gained some heavy information. I had another casting director workshop with an associate CD from an office working on three different projects.  The CD was not present but I was taped and will hear from him within a week for critiques.

Then SAG’s New Media Contract seminar Tuesday night.  It was primarily geared to people producing projects online- how to submit to SAG, hiring SAG actors, paperwork, etc.

Last night I attended a “Twitter for Actors” seminar at Churchill Bar and Restaurant.  Casting directors Marci Liroff and Heidi Levitt, Cast It’s Eric Hayes, Eqal’s  Adam Wescott and actress Taryn O’Neill gave their expertise on how to network Facebook and Twitter in the entertainment industry.  Tons and tons of info!



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