SAG Awards Recap

30 Jan

OK, I really enjoyed the SAG Awards this year.  Short, simple and straight to the point.  Not to mention great fashion worn by the actresses that night.  The winners in my opinion were deserving in every category and the victory speeches were incredibly sincere.  I may be biased, but the SAG voters are the best out of all the major awards ceremonies in town.  Less politics involved, I guess.

Highlight winners of the night:  Viola Davis winning best actress for “The Help”, Jean Dujardin for “The Artist” and “The Help”  winning for best ensemble cast.  SAG voters know how to do it!  Whoop, whoop!  Viola’s speech really made me cry.  It was so moving and heartfelt.

But my favorite highlight of the night was Alec Baldwin.  Why?  Because he mentioned a little known cause I am involved in that is very special to me and so many other actors:  BookPALS.  BookPALS is an organization from the SAG Foundation in which SAG actors volunteer at schools to read to children on a weekly basis.  I have the honor of reading to first graders at a school in North Hollywood.  So, thank you Alec Baldwin for reminding SAG actors to get involved in this great cause!!!

Congrats to all the winners this year!  I hope they sweep ’em at the Oscars!!!




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