Hectic Day :)

29 Jan

Wow, what a day!  First, another casting director workshop.  This time with a head CD from a daytime soap opera.  She gave a lot of good advice but was pretty intense!

Then an audition for a paid SAG webisode series.  I was outside at Plummer Park with other girls dressed in workout gear.  We had to pretend to swing, kick and get beat up.  It was fun.  I needed a break outside playing tough chick after a looong morning at the workshop.

Tomorrow another audition for a SAG USC grad film.  I really love the scene.  It’s emotional, tense and funny all in one.  It will be a little crazy with the SAG awards going on at the same time, but hey….

Speaking of SAG Awards, I really hope “The Artist” wins in every category!  (Or at least one 🙂  If you haven’t seen it, please do.  And don’t judge it because it’s a silent film.  That’s what makes it so special!  Well, off to rehearse for tomorrow’s scene.  Tata for now 😀


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