Why I Love Jane Fonda

27 Jan

For those of you who do not know who she is, Jane Fonda was a Hollywood actress in the 60s and 70s.  Her father is old Hollywood movie star Henry Fonda.  After Jane’s unfortunate scandal in Vietnam (check the story out anywhere online), she had her big comeback as a huge workout fitness buff in the 80s.

Regardless of how people feel about her politics or actions in the past, the woman is a fitness genius.  I stumbled upon her 1982 workout on You Tube this month and started doing it in my home.  Then I found her “Workout Challenge” and the title doesn’t lie.  I can’t tell you how fast I’ve seen results!  No more saddlebags, no more wide hips!  After being injured and on bed rest last year, I’m finally getting my body back!

For a former dancer, her workouts are perfect for me.  She does a lot of stretching and leg work.  I feel like nowadays so many fitness gurus focus more on weights and gaining bulk and muscle.  I prefer the long, lean look myself. 80s workouts were so much simpler.  All you needed was a mat!  Now, I not only need to bring a mat to class, but weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, a huge fitness ball and on and on…

As for me, I’m going to start taking ballet and stretch classes again. 80s workouts rules!


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