No electricity! Played “Lucy”…

26 Jan

Today was interesting.  I went to another casting director workshop and unfortunately the power was out in the building!  The casting director is an associate for a daytime soap opera.  She was really cool and still wanted to do a Q&A session with us actors outside behind the building.  Too bad the electricity never came back on due to the outage but we will come back and read for her sometime next week.

I always find it funny how uptight actors can be at workshops.  You can actually FEEL the nerves and the tension in the room.  I try not to take on that energy because I find it to be really draining.  Yes, we want the CD to like us.  Yes, we want to get that big break.  But come on!  This is apart of our job.  We might as well enjoy the process and milk it every way we can.  Just a thought…

Yesterday was awesome.  Three other SAG actors and I helped AFI film students in one of their cinematography classes shoot us doing a scene from, “Sense and Sensibility”.  I thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of Lucy.  She was pretty cunning!  For those who don’t know, AFI stands for American Film Institute.  The students were very kind and appreciated our help.  These are our future Steven Spielbergs of the world!  Actors should definitely network and spend time learning what goes on behind the camera as well with these talented folks.

After that I interviewed for an intern position at a casting office this spring.  There were a TON of other interviewees as well so the competition was stiff!  Will keep you posted!  Nighty night.


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